2024 Gold Party

Let's kick off the biggest week in wrestling!

Join the All We See Is Gold Foundation for the most exclusive party of the year. Mingle with Jordan Burroughs, Joseph McKenna, Brandon Slay, and more.

When: TBD

Attire: Red Carpet

Where: TBD

Tickets include appetizers and drinks.

This charitable event supports the All We See is Gold Foundation, which aims to support, guide and enrich the lives of wrestlers, wrestling fans, and families all over the world. Their mission is to use the Jordan Burroughs platform to promote love, passion and power through the sport of wrestling. They want to identify individuals or groups within the wrestling community who, with the help of the organization, can tap into their true potential not only as wrestlers but human beings.

This year The All We See Is Gold Foundation will donate to a local Kansas City Wrestling Club.

Calling all local wrestling clubs! Could you use our help?

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